Tasty, customized
& ready-to-eat
meals or snacks.
Anytime. Anywhere.

Finding shelf-stable, portable & healthy meal options for large groups can be a headache. That’s why we created CustomSnackbox.


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Feed lots of hungry people
with easy-to-order,
customized snack boxes.

When it comes to feeding large numbers of people cost effectively, we know finding tasty, healthy and portable meal options that don’t involve a lot of hassle is nearly impossible. That’s why we created CustomSnackbox.

Each box is carefully curated to include delicious, shelf-stable items that are ready to eat—anytime and anywhere. From simple snacks to a full meal (including utensils, a mint and dessert!), we’ll help you design the perfect Snackbox to meet your needs.


Build your box in 3 easy steps.

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Choose a quantity

Let us know how many people you’re planning to serve.

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Choose a box size

Choose between our small or large box sizes.

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Pick your food items

Select from one of our most popular pre-packed snack boxes or meals. Or get a custom quote if you’re feeding OVER 10,000.

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