We perfected

the meal-in-a-box.

Custom Snack Box Examples (Stacked)

At CustomSnackbox, we design more than just snack or food items in a box. We create meal solutions that are uniquely flexible and functional.

In 2004, we recognized a need in the airline industry for tasty, clean-label, shelf-stable meals that could easily be served to passengers. As a result, we created a fully customizable CustomSnackbox program.

Game-changing innovation.

CustomSnackbox solved 2 key issues in airline food service:

1- Having enough meals on hand to satisfy hungry customers amidst unpredictable demands from flight to flight.
2- The need for a food-for-sale program that could break even or better despite the operational complexities inherent with meals sold in-flight.

The key was in creating nutritional meals with clean label ingredients optimized for shelf life. This solution changed the game in airline food-for-sale programs, and we subsequently partnered with many major airlines to create programs for them.

The sky is not the limit.

CustomSnackbox has remained an innovator in the market, committed to ensuring delicious, healthy and shelf-stable meals for its customers. Today we not only create innovative packaged meals for airlines, but we also provide them for other sectors desiring convenient, large-quantity meals and snacks, such as: hotels, tourism, athletic events, conferences, charity events and school food service programs.


Redefining healthy,
on-the-go meals

To date, we’ve fed more than 50 million people with our customizable meals and snacks that are ready to eat anytime, anywhere. No refrigeration or preparation is required!




Designed to feed hungry people. Even in the most challenging of environments.

Each CustomSnackbox is:

Shelf-stable. Every item is individually wrapped and designed for a 6-month+ shelf life.

Simple, easy & efficient. Our Snackboxes are designed to consistently feed large numbers of people—even in challenging environments like national parks and on aircraft.

Customizable. From simple snacks to a full meal to special dietary needs—we can design a Snackbox to meet your requirements and specifications.

Healthy & delicious. For us, taste is king. We specialize in sourcing products that use quality, clean ingredients, and we always design our boxes so their contents work together to make a tasty meal that customers love.

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