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We pride ourselves in maintaining long-term relationships with our customers. So when we started planning the third season of the Snackbox for bus tours at Denali National Park through Aramark, they presented us with a new challenge: an all-natural CustomSnackbox that’s healthy for the consumer—and the environment.

We took this in stride and challenged our brand partners to pursue compostable or recyclable packaging for all the food items in the box. As we quickly learned, this was no easy task. Particularly with shelf-stable food, maintaining freshness with compostable packaging is nearly impossible.

With this in mind, we approached TerraCycle®, a company already working with several of our brand partners, and they provided us with an easy solution: recycle all the food packaging.

In addition to being environmentally sound, the CustomSnackbox menu focused on all-natural items with no preservatives.

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“They presented us with a new challenge: an all-natural Snackbox that’s healthy for the consumer—and the environment.”

Items in the box

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